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Since 1991, Jo has been the choice for hair design for local film, print, and television as well as modeling portfolios.

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Having worked on both TV and independent films, Jo knows how to handle studio work. Reserve Jo


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"It's like a blank canvas and I get to put the appropriate strokes on the paper. Can't get any better than that!" - Jo


Since 1991, Jo has worked her way from being a salon stylist to becoming an Educator, Platform Artist, and now she is a Production Stylist. Although many underestimate hair, thinking it's easy, she never gets comfortable. She is always learning new techniques and keeps up with current styles.

Her freelance career began in 1998, and has been going strong since. She has her professionalism, expertise, and talent to thank for that. Jo has the eye for styling hair. Put her on your pet project, ans she will make it hers.

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